iTE Goals and Mission Statement

The Technology and Engineering Association. sTEm leaders, dedicated to the development of Industrial Arts, Engineering, Technology and Design learning in New South Wales schools.

Who we are
The Institute of Technology Education (iTE) is the professional association for teachers of Industrial Technology, Engineering Studies, Design & Technology, Graphics Technology and Technology (Mandatory) in New South Wales, Australia.

The iiate was founded on 28 January 1966. Since then, the annual membership has grown to include over 1200 financial members in over 300 secondary high schools across the state. These members are made up of academics and both practising and retired technology, engineering and design teachers.

The iTE is a not for profit organisation that is managed by teacher volunteers. These volunteers are elected onto the iTE Executive Council. These elections take place during the annual conference. The iTE council holds General Meetings at least three times per year.  All members are encouraged to attend General Meetings.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to:

  • To represent technology teachers across the state in negotiations and lobbying with, as well as providing support and expertise for Government bodies, such as the Department of Education and the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards
  • To promote understanding of the value and place of Technology in education among the public generally and among leading teachers of education and industry in particular.
  • Through Technology education: to interpret, aid and help design the industrial-technological aspects of our culture.
  • For the association of persons interested in the promotion and improvement of Technology education in all schools and institutes of learning.
  • To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, exhibitions, public meetings, classes and conferences calculated to advance education in Technology whether general, professional or technical.
  • To represent generally the views of persons engaged in Technology to preserve and maintain ethical standards and to consider and deal with all matters affecting the common interests of members of the Institute.

What we do
The iTE conducts various professional development programs throughout the year and holds an Annual Conference in Sydney. The conference is one of the largest technology education showcase of exhibits and educational sessions in Australia.

The iTE publishes a journal twice a year. The first of the journals is delivered to EVERY secondary school in NSW. The other journal is delivered only to current and life members. The journal is a diverse collection of resources and articles aimed at supporting teachers of Technology Education throughout the state to ensure a content-rich curriculum.

The iTE has numerous committees and groups that coordinate all types of projects throughout the year. Such projects include the 3D Printer Loan initiative, Hands on and Minds on Technology events, InTECH display of HSC major projects from across the state, Wood Show Challenge for Stage 5 students as well as sponsoring branch meetings throughout the state.

The iTE sponsors many awards and programs to recognise outstanding students, pre-service teachers and teachers. Such awards include the Astrid and John Perdriau Award at the Southern Cross University and the Ruth and Peter Thompson Award at the Australian Catholic University and the  in recognition of final year students for outstanding achievements during their Technology Education training. The iTE also supports and is a major sponsor of the University of Wollongong’s High School Technology competitions.  In addition to that, the iTE also recognises outstanding teaching and programming with a Teacher Excellence Award. The Teacher Excellence Award is presented to a worthy recipient at our annual conference.

The iTE frequently provides information and advice to government agencies, associations, and other special interest groups concerning technology education. The iTE strives to provide concerned parties with an understanding of the importance of technological literacy through technology, innovation, design, and engineering education for the future growth and well-being of Australia. Recently, there have been several sub committees that have developed and accumulated feedback in relation to the development of the Australian Curriculum.

The iTE is also affiliated with the Design and Technology Teachers Association (DATTA) Australia. DATTA is a national association representing Design and Technology organisations and educators. The association is comprised of individual state and territory associations who exist to promote and improve the quality of Design & Technology education provided in Australia. The iTE sends representative members to all DATTA Australia meetings and events to keep up to date with technology education around Australia and to contribute to national events and developments.